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Legislative / Advocacy

Washington State PTA legislative platform is made up of three components:







During the 44th Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly, delegates debated and voted on the 2022-2024 top five issues that make up our short-term legislative priorities including eight issues added to the 'also supported' list. WSPTA will prioritize advocacy efforts on these issues during the upcoming 2024 legislative session.


Long-term legislative principles are separated into five overarching categories and are broader in scope. They allow members to advocate on many topical issues across the state. During the 42nd WA State PTA Legislative Assembly, the new principle, "anti-racism, anti-discrimination, anti-oppression," was added to the Safe and Nurturing Environments for Children and Youth category.


Long-term resolutions are available for members to help in their advocacy efforts both locally and at a state level and cover a wide range of topics to support children. During the 44th Washington State PTA Legislative Assembly, one new resolutions was adopted.

The legislative platform supports the PTA mission


PTA is a powerful voice for all children


PTA is a relevant resource for families, schools and  communities


PTA is a strong advocate for the well-being and education of every child​

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