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WHS PTSA collects nominations from parents, students, and teachers to select award recipients who will be recognized during the year-end "moving-up" assembly. These honorees will have their names added to the list of amazing educators and volunteers at WHS.

Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple Award
Outstanding Educator

The Golden Apple is presented to an individual who has significantly contributed to their learning community by enhancing educational outcomes for our children. This award recognizes individuals who go beyond the normal expectations of their jobs. Award winners find innovative ways to make learning fun and challenge students to be their best. An educator is not limited to a teacher and may also be defined as an assistant, a specialist, a support staff member, an administrator, or a bus driver.

Golden Acorn Award
Outstanding Volunteer

The Golden Acorn award is presented to a PTSA volunteer who goes above and beyond to support the students, teachers, administration and school community. This is an excellent way to honor PTSA volunteers for their dedicated years of service and contributions to the larger community.

Golden Acorn Award

2024 Awards

2024 award winners
terri kashi golden acorn winner 2024.png


Scot Millhollen (math) was recognized for making students and other teachers feel valued. He has an unlimited amount of energy for teaching and for students. He takes on multiple preps and a heavy workload to help the department and other school programs. He is an experienced teacher but continues to look for new ways to elevate his students to the next level and has created a “thinking classroom” in the math department. He challenges students to take ownership for their own learning, which makes him exceptional. 

Olivia Doerr (social studies) was recognized and described as a go-getter. She's never afraid to back down from a challenge. On top of that, she's in teaching for all the right reasons. She's genuinely involved with and cares about student success. She shows up every day and contributes to the betterment of our school. She's an all-star. She is passionate about her subject matter – HISTORY - and cares deeply about teaching. She's always willing to break the ice with a cringy dad joke, which makes everyone feel welcome.

Matt Fry (visual arts) was recognized because he has a remarkable ability to tap into his students' passions and interests, fostering an environment where they can thrive and achieve their full potential. His commitment to their success is evident in the individualized attention he provides and the extra effort he invests in their academic and personal growth. He is a dedicated and inspiring teacher who excels in engaging with Art students, consistently going above and beyond. He shines a light on the importance and value of each student’s individual voice and hand in the art-making process – and he’s also an amazing artist himself! 

Golden Acorn

Congratulations to Terri Kashi, who was recognized for her tireless service to our school and has earned the well-deserved title as our 2024 Golden Acorn Award winner.

2023 Award Recipients

Golden Acorn: Lynn Smith and Debi Niemi

Golden Apple: Katherine Smith and Jim Backstrom

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