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PTSA Grants

WHS PTSA supports teachers, staff and adminstrators in our mission to support educational opportunities for all students at WHS. Faculty/staff may apply individually or as group towards special programs, equipment or resources. Note that routine supplies are usually not purchased with PTSA grants, please contact Kim Norris ( with any questions.


The PTSA committee considers:

  • Educational value

  • Number of students benefiting

  • How this grant will enhance existing curricula 

  • Cost & PTSA budget remaining


Please use the online or paper form links below to request a grant. Grant requests are reviewed and approved at PTSA monthly meetings throughout the school year.


Please contact our PTSA Grants Coordinator with questions.  


Thank you!

23/24 WHS Grant Awards 

Support new WHS Food bank - $2000 stocking food and supplies for the new WHS food bank

Science Dept - $871 for supplies for Physics Olympics competitions

Architecture - $1430 for house-framing kits for engineering class students

Counseling Dept - $650 for "Apps and Snacks" for seniors to support them during college application processes

FSA students - $630 for pumpkin patch tickets for the FSA students

Ceramics - $1150 for Roku pottery firing experience for ceramics students

Ping Pong Club - $1100 for equipment and entry fees to tournament in Tacoma, WA  

Library - $300 for 20 books about people with disabilities to add to our collection

Library - $200 for a 1 year subscription to Spanish book services for the WHS library

OT/PT department - $300 for cooking supplies to support a learning opportunity for mid-level FSA students

Marine biology students - $385 for canvas, paint, brushes for students to create art related to area of study 

Art department - $1425 for to replace the worn kiln shelves with high quality durable shelves. 

Women of Inflence Club - $500 women of influence club to suport their leadership conference

Night of the Arts - $500 for food/drinks to support this event celbrating art at WHS

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